cyanotype, front cover of "HYPERLYDIAN," June 2017
from "HYPERLYDIAN," June 2017
cover for "Lachrymator" Issue No. 1, 2015
cover for "Lachrymator" Issue No. 2, 2015
flyer for Johnny Ain't Bad's EP release show, 2015
cover for "Lachrymator 0" mini, 2015
album art for "STL '14" compilation of independent St. Louis music, 2014
cover for "Murderworld Comix," 2015
cover for "Quack Doctor," 2014
promotional poster for the film "Cognition Room," written and directed by Adam Wand, 2014
cover for "Chthonic MRI and Other Poems," by Matthew Freeman, 2013
cover for "Meat Bundle" No. 1, St. Louis local music magazine, 2013
label for Confluence Artisan Goods Kombucha, 2013
label for Confluence Artisan Goods Kimchi, 2013
"The Most Important Meal of the Day," illustration, 2013
back cover for "Tweez" Zine, 2012